Basketball Padded Compression Shorts

Wearing padded compression shorts for basketball began with none other than Shaquille O’Neal when he joined the Miami Heat.  Being a big physical player it was a common occurrence for him to acquire small injuries during games.  To help prevent these injuries he began wearing padded compression shorts.  Now, many of the most famous NBA players including LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade utilize padded compression shorts during games to improve performance and prevent injury.

You may not have realized that many NBA and college basketball players wear any type of protective compression gear.  The reason for this is that the NBA requires that all undergarments, with compression, padded or otherwise are not to be seen during games.  Today’s NBA is a very physical game, especially in the paint.  Elbows, knees and bodies regularly fly and crash into other players not to mention the frequency by which players are knocked to the floor.  Padded compression shorts help these players remain as injury free as possible.  Thankfully for all the casual players out there, padded basketball shorts can be found at many online and brick and mortar retailers.  Why not bring an advantage to your pick up game by picking up a pair of these padded basketball shorts?

The padding components of basketball compression shorts focus on the hips, thighs and tail bone.  These three regions are the most likely to be injured during play.    All of the padded basketball shorts help to protect these parts of your body.  Depending on how hard you play or how many hits you take will help determine hos much padding you need.  For the most protection try the McDavid Hexpad Dual Density Thudd Short.

Compression is also an important component of padded basketball shorts.  The benefits of wearing compression garments have only recently begun to emerge.  But they included shortened recovery time and increased circulation.  Increasing circulation both during and after exercise can help remove lactate from your muscles which will reduce muscle soreness in the days following a workout or game.  Compression shorts also help to reduce minute muscle oscillation during exercise.  These muscle oscillations increase the energy expenditure and reducing them will allow you to outperform your competitors.

Moisture-wicking Fabric
Another important feature of padded compression shorts for basketball is the moisture-wicking fabric.  All padded compression shorts are made from a combination of fabrics that provide thermo-regulatory and moisture management technologies to keep you dry and your muscles warm during exercise.  This will prevent injuries that can happen with cold muscles and will also keep your muscles from cooling too quickly as can happen with sweat soaked cotton shorts.

There is no doubt that the padding in compression shorts adds a certain thickness that you may not be accustomed to wearing.  However, the padded compression shorts for basketball are designed with this in mind so that they do not restrict movement, allowing you to perform at your highest level.

Below are a few examples of padded compression shorts specifically designed for basketball players.  They each have their own benefits but all offer compression, padding and moisture wicking.

Adidas TECHFIT Padded Compression Short

  • Ventilated to keep you dry and cool
  • TECHFIT™ focuses your muscles’ energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration and long-term endurance.

McDavid Hexpad Dual Density Thudd Short

  • Basketball_Padded_Compression_Shorts_McDavid_ThuddNylon
  • Pro compression fabric reduces the build up of lactic acid in the muscles providing less soreness, cramping and fatigue along with faster recovery
  • Dual density Hex-pad thigh, hip and tailbone pads provides maximum protection that conforms to your body during movement
  • Hydra vent moisture management technology keeps athletes cool and dry
  • Fabric 80% nylon, 20%spandex
  • Weighs 5.5-Ounce Per Square Yard


Stromgen Flex Pad III Basketball Padded Compression Short

  • Protective Padding help to Reduce Injuries to Key Anatomy Areas During Hard and Aggressive Play Throughout Practice and Games
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Easy to Launder
  • Flex Pad III Compression Short with Hip, Thigh, and Tailbone Pad

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